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6 august, 2019

paper products

helpful tips

One large part of our jobs is designing an event, and that really starts with the invitations and setting a theme for the event. Paper products are a way to incorporate a subtle theme throughout while still leaving the creativity open in other aspects of the design. When talking design with a couple, the focus is on getting their overall preference and style, then creating the paper products that go along with their style making it unique to the couple.

Kelly has been offering custom paper products and design since 2012, and has developed her own process that has resulted in some of the most gorgeous wedding invitations. Finding the design that best represents the couple has many different factors, such as font, overall layout, color, background, design, etc. Though sometimes a long process, nailing down the design and final invitation is so rewarding and sets the mood for the rest of the event and gives guests their first look into what the wedding will be.

Our team recently was able to tour Crop Marks Printing where we send majority of our designs to be printed. Not only were we able to tour their offices, but we got to see and even assist in some printing! Being able to hear and see what they need from us as designers was very helpful because they want to deliver the best product that they can. Learning the process and stages of printing, particularly for wedding invitations, was useful in knowing what makes a good product from the printing perspective. Kelly has built such an incredible relationship with their team over the years, and we absolutely love working with them.




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