January 29, 2024

2024 Wedding Trends

As wedding planners we have to evolve and predict the new trends that each year will bring. As we work on designs for our 2024 weddings, we have been able to hone in on what we think are going to be the hottest 2024 wedding trends. 

Expect to witness 2024 as a very colorful and experienced based year. We are very excited about many of these trends and hope you are too!   

Lights, camera, action

Wedding photography is always evolving and we are predicting that film style photography as well as blur motion pictures are going to be hot this year. These edgy styles are not only stunning but if done right are truly captivating. 

It’s Lit

Nothing screams romantic and makes the vibes more intimate than candles. We are starting to see pillar candles making a strong comeback (not that they were ever out). Using different candle modalities all together will be very popular. 

On that note of candles, you can plan to see textured candles. We have been seeing ribbed candles making a huge appearance, which we are very much here for. In addition to textured candles, we are predicting unique and colored candle holders will be popular. 

Gimme Color 

One of the biggest 2024 wedding trends we are super excited about is seeing more color through an entire design. Expect to see color incorporated more into the candles, linens, paper goods, signage, and more! We are also predicting color blocking to become a big trend as well. 

Entertainment for dayz

Couples are starting to incorporate their guests’ experience into their day. We are not just talking about a DJ here, this year you will see unique and personalized entertainers. Expect to see live painters, watercolorists, and we have even seen an artist who specializes in butt portraits! 

Not Your Mother’s Wedding Arbor

Another trend we are predicting are unique arbor / focal pieces. Everyone wants to wow their guests with their initial ceremony focal piece. This means going away from your traditional arbor. If you are a wedding guest this year, expect the unexpected at the ceremony. 

Out with the new, in with the old

Haven’t you heard?? Vintage is in baby! Some of our favorite items we have seen are rotary phones and vinyl record players used as guestbooks. We are also noticing a lot of our couples are wanting vintage styled cakes.  

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