December 18, 2020

Wedding Trends in 2021

After a year of major changes and unknowns in the wedding industry, we can only expect the same for 2021 with new trends and styles for weddings in order to accommodate the ever changing regulations and guidelines. With that, we have had the pleasure to plan and execute some of the most amazing intimate and wholesome weddings that we have ever seen. This time has allowed for couples to celebrate with their closest loved ones and be fully present with all of their guests. In the midst of a pandemic, we really value all of our couples for making the best out of the situation.

Micro Weddings

One of the biggest wedding trends we are going to see this next year just as we did in 2020 is smaller guest counts and micro weddings. Intimate weddings have been some of our favorite to work because we can so much better serve all of your guests and you as the bride and groom. Smaller weddings also allow you to spend more of your resources on design aspects you can’t always accomplish with a large guest count. Instead of twenty tables, you could have two tables with an exquisite tablescape with more rentals and floral. As a bride and groom, the experience is a lot more personal for you and your guests since you are able to mingle with all of your guests.

A common misconception with small weddings is that they can be a budget saver, which is true in some aspects. However, a lot of wedding vendors are not based on guest count, for instance your DJ, photographer/videographer, wedding planner, etc. Catering, bar, and floral are some areas where you could save by having less guests and tables.

Live streaming

With those smaller guest counts, a lot of couples are turning to technology to reach all of their friends and family. Live streaming your wedding for all of your guests to see has become the best way to include everyone in your special day. With a camera and tripod or a laptop propped on a chair and a good Wi-Fi connection, live streaming has been such a useful tool in our industry.


We are sure that we will be seeing a lot of outdoor tented weddings of all sizes in 2021. Many couples made the move to outdoor this year, and we love the creative freedom that it allows. However, tented weddings on a private property can be beast, and we are professionals in tackling the logistics that it takes to create a venue in your backyard.

Passed Apps and Plated Entrées

Catering is facing their own challenges and trying to stop the spread and contamination by serving more plated entrĂ©es rather than the common buffet line that we see at weddings. Individual meals brought to your guests is the easiest way to limit the contact that your guests have with each other. Along with a plated meal, individual hors d’oeuvres that are passed by servers and easy to grab makes for a better environment rather than stationed appetizers that guests are grabbing from. We also LOVE the idea of a personal charcuterie board for each guest. These trends are developing from health and safety concerns, but can actually be an elegant addition to your event.

Charcuterie board place setting

Aside from logistical trends that keep you and your guests safe, design trends relating to small weddings are evolving, and we are thrilled to be able to pitch some of the most unique designs we have done to our couples.

Color, lots of color.

More than anything, we are hoping to see lots of color next year in all seasons. We have even been able to design some gorgeous weddings this year with light blues, sage green, emerald green, terracotta and papaya orange. Color is being incorporated in more than just floral too. We have seen bold linens with rich colors, colored water goblets, and other decor. After a long period of classic wedding colors, we are excited to dive into all the color.

Pattern and Texture

Wood, clay, glass, marble, terracotta, linens, etc. There are so many different mediums when it comes to texture and pattern for event design. We are seeing so many new rental items here in Grand Rapids that we can’t wait to get our hands on. Different vessels, chargers and patterned linens. Every aspect of the design has become much more intentional, and we are feeling inspired for 2021.

Dried florals

We are in the moment of the pampas grass, and we want to hang on to the dried florals for just a bit longer! The boho and west coast feel are too good to be beat. There are so many things you can do with dried floral and bring it through the entire design. We have even put dried floral in welcome drinks, and it added the most subtle touch of detail.

Ceremony aisle lined with pampas grass


Sustainability is a constant battle that we are facing with events, but we are hoping 2021 is the year to really push ourselves to create sustainable designs and plans that can better serve our planet. Floral is an area where we can make a significant effort to be able to reuse or save floral from events. One trend we are excited to implement next year is the idea of potted floral or dried floral like mentioned above. Both are very design forward and also create less waste. This article from 77 Diamonds offers tons of information on planning a sustainable and ethical wedding: The Guide to Sustainable, Zero-Waste, Ethical Weddings.




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