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January 18, 2021

Shelly’s Designs Florist | Vendor Spotlight

We are taking some time on our blog to highlight some of our favorite vendors in the industry because even though this year has been sparse with weddings, we have been able to be a part of some beautiful events. And the vendors that made these weddings happen.

The first vendor that comes to mind for us is always Shelly from Shelly’s Designs Florist. We have been so lucky to not only work with Shelly over the past few years but also grow and build a friendship with her both personally and professionally.

Florist setting up reception table

Shelly is usually the first name out of our mouths when we are talking floral with a couple. She truly over delivers with her floral services and has become so versatile when it comes to style.

We have seen some of the most amazing floral installments from her, and it is truly breathtaking how she can transform a space. Her prices are always so reasonable too. She always stretches a couple’s budget since she doesn’t have the overhead costs of a shop. She is truly an expert in the field, and we are so lucky to have developed such a great relationship with her.

Wooden ceremony arbor covered in floral and greenery

To see some more of Shelly’s work, check out our post on Megan and Marc, Lauren and Karl, and the Styled Shoot!



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